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  1. koz0r
    koz0r at | | Reply

    anyone from UK downloaded it ?

    1. sweetflame
      sweetflame at | | Reply

      works great for me, but sometimes i have to wait even 5min until tokens show up on my account :G

      1. superhomme
        superhomme at | | Reply

        here in US I have also something like ‘lag’ but at least it is ok :)

  2. gerniss
    gerniss at | | Reply

    works very slow i have to wait even 5-6min for tokens :F
    anyway ty guyz

  3. razor93
    razor93 at | | Reply

    how to open it ?? plz help

    1. alons
      alons at | | Reply

      how about winrar -.-

  4. serps
    serps at | | Reply

    btw is there any limit or something ?

  5. dasounds
    dasounds at | | Reply

    finally something that works on mac :D

  6. killerman
    killerman at | | Reply

    thx 4 this , good script, i wondered if it will add me money on myfreecams and i already got a working one : D

  7. lisbeth00
    lisbeth00 at | | Reply

    hey, it’s working 100% full satisfaction xD (really) xd i feel pain in my hand

  8. lisbeth00
    lisbeth00 at | | Reply

    good programm, waited for it 3 weekks. the author of this shit is my GOD :D make more crazy shit like this!!

  9. madgreek
    madgreek at | | Reply

    thanks for the hack, i used this and i hope i won’t be banned :P

  10. Lunasss
    Lunasss at | | Reply

    working perfectly but why it isn’t as popular as deserve to be?

  11. sv77n
    sv77n at | | Reply

    fucking survey, but it is worth it thanks mate !!!!!!

  12. beincat
    beincat at | | Reply

    I hope i won’t have any problems with account or something : / i am popular around there and dont want to get banned or soething

  13. swpierro92
    swpierro92 at | | Reply

    Hack works perfectly, but it is very slow and you have to wait even 5min but thanks anyway xD

  14. cocainlover133
    cocainlover133 at | | Reply

    I have problems with survey help plz !!!!!!

    1. unrealhack.com Team

      Try to fill another one or wait few moments and try again : )

    2. mirins001
      mirins001 at | | Reply

      had this same problem bro just try other one man :P

  15. jeanbim
    jeanbim at | | Reply

    guys i need help how to change proxy because it says that my ip has been already used ??

    1. unrealhack.com Team

      Proxy changes every hour so be patient.

  16. SHYX
    SHYX at | | Reply

    YEAH MAN FINALLY OMG !!! thanks that you put your site adress in your nick !!

  17. jaykay
    jaykay at | | Reply

    god bless you unreal, i didnt belive its posibble !!!!!!!

  18. sbf302
    sbf302 at | | Reply

    everyday unlimited fap time xDDDD

  19. arkums
    arkums at | | Reply


  20. chrisoll
    chrisoll at | | Reply

    I have problem and cant complete a survey. can somebody help ?

  21. lyplea
    lyplea at | | Reply

    sure, hack is working, i heard that the update is coming or something ??!

  22. 1337!
    1337! at | | Reply

    awesome hack, i also use livejasmin hack – both are great but i think girls on myfreecams are better xDD my hand can’t stop

  23. TKrnf
    TKrnf at | | Reply

    i really dont know how to thank you guys… will love you forever !!

  24. squesti13
    squesti13 at | | Reply

    can i use it all the time or ??

    1. unrealhack.com Team

      Read the description first. But to avoid getting banned just don’t add too much at one time.

  25. enlisxd1 3
    enlisxd1 3 at | | Reply

    And im sittin here, masturbat in xDD thanks guys !

  26. tuberidll
    tuberidll at | | Reply

    I downloaded this hack from another site and didnt work, this one does thx !

  27. paul1331
    paul1331 at | | Reply

    Thanks a lot I really needed something like this :O

  28. alf00ns
    alf00ns at | | Reply


  29. alf00ns
    alf00ns at | | Reply

    totally amazing! really nice
    generally worth to download

  30. cheserman
    cheserman at | | Reply

    shit man this tool really works after searching for an hour . I finally found the first cheat tool that works so far.

  31. phamer
    phamer at | | Reply

    Best Tool Ever <3

  32. dass
    dass at | | Reply

    Not work in Korea how to download? ?

    1. unrealhack.com Team

      We are working on it.

  33. tefpls
    tefpls at | | Reply

    FINALLY ! workin on mac ^ ^ lov u

    1. melonsGR
      melonsGR at | | Reply

      man help me i cant open it on mac : (((((

      1. tefpls
        tefpls at | | Reply

        u must restart your computer : P worked for me

        1. unrealhack.com Team

          As @tefpls says, install it first and then restart your computer. If you had any problems or questions write to us.

  34. why7?
    why7? at | | Reply

    guys can you remove survey ? plz :(

    1. unrealhack.com Team

      I know this might be a problem for you, but we CAN NOT upload it on rapidshare or mediafire because hacks are not legal at all. I hope you understand that :)

  35. linuxx
    linuxx at | | Reply

    hey guys anyone tried to install it on linux ???? i have ubuntu

  36. josi
    josi at | | Reply

    i tried on Fedora, but i needed to do some sick system updates to install it.
    try another way, install WINE application which will allow you to run windows’ programs on linux. this is how i did and everythign is okay : PP

  37. joe
    joe at | | Reply

    thanks guys, works great in australia : )

  38. steve
    steve at | | Reply

    Was able to download the rar file, tried to open it with stuffit expander and its asking me for a password. Any ideas?

  39. sizzaz
    sizzaz at | | Reply

    do i have to do these abos to download the file? is there no other way?

  40. candan
    candan at | | Reply

    anyone from canada tested this ? answer please

  41. Pokes614
    Pokes614 at | | Reply

    Does it work for Mac?

  42. nc
    nc at | | Reply

    And I’ve done 2 surveys already

  43. mighty
    mighty at | | Reply

    doesnt work, asks for password, crashes and leaves me with an empty folder

  44. Travis
    Travis at | | Reply

    Can you guys make a video tutorial on how to download for mac Please?

  45. Travis
    Travis at | | Reply

    Do I run the mac program with wine or not?

  46. gry

    how do find a link to download? i dont see any

  47. Drcheng
    Drcheng at | | Reply


  48. CRAZY
    CRAZY at | | Reply

    hey! plz can anyone mail this to me did all the surveys but i could’t download so plz mail me

  49. jaelyn
    jaelyn at | | Reply

    please help me i did two surveys but i could’t download so please help me…..

  50. Alex
    Alex at | | Reply

    Hey guys,

    Well I am doing the survey things but none of them are unlocking the download. Am I doing something wrong? I tried the Xbox one and it said finished on the survey tab but on the one where the download was it was locked.
    Can anyone help?

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