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  1. pearl12
    pearl12 at | | Reply

    i saw many programs this type and finally this one seems to works as it should ; )

  2. gereng
    gereng at | | Reply

    can you remove survey please ?

  3. aangelo
    aangelo at | | Reply

    yeah survey is sometimes difficult but totally worth it

    thank you unreal for creating this : )

  4. mirac3
    mirac3 at | | Reply

    i can’t connect to the game :/ help me please !

    1. unrealhack.com Team

      Open you browser first and sing in to the game then try to connect.

      1. mirac3
        mirac3 at | | Reply

        thanks it works now !

  5. nool
    nool at | | Reply

    man so this is how people get so fast so many points, and I throught they are just good players…ech. I;m goin to use it too xD

  6. mike
    mike at | | Reply

    you guys are epic, seriously : D

  7. volor
    volor at | | Reply

    first one which is not a fake :)

  8. flex
    flex at | | Reply

    indeed, online version of this game is much much better than any other. New players everyday so it shows that game has many fans around the world.

  9. jooki
    jooki at | | Reply

    really nice game, creators with each update give us more and more options, the way you create your own cite etc – love it

  10. jooki
    jooki at | | Reply

    i have no words to thank you. it is like a heaven

  11. dotiXXX
    dotiXXX at | | Reply

    holy shit i had never such big amount of gold : DDD

  12. jerona sir
    jerona sir at | | Reply

    good working script, sometimes it get some lags and you have to wait few moments but it works better than any other I found

  13. cocojar
    cocojar at | | Reply

    i hope i won’t get banned or something : |

    1. turbs1992
      turbs1992 at | | Reply

      if you dont add to much at same time you shouldn’t get banned. this is the way I do that

  14. dana
    dana at | | Reply

    im going to try this out tomorrow

  15. bengil se
    bengil se at | | Reply

    help me guys im having problems

    1. unrealhack.com Team

      can you explain your problem ?

  16. tyrcet
    tyrcet at | | Reply

    wow..just WOW unreal < 3

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