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  1. christo
    christo at | | Reply

    thank you ! one question, how to call taxi or something ? i can’t leave my plot only other sims can come to me

    1. calodos
      calodos at | | Reply

      It’s demo and you can only create sims and build on your own plot but anyway seems to be a great game

  2. fbi3
    fbi3 at | | Reply

    cant wait for full version !!! thank you for the demo anyway :PP

  3. dimit
    dimit at | | Reply

    help me please how to open it ??

    1. unrealhack.com Team

      simplay unpack it with winrar : )

      1. dimit
        dimit at | | Reply

        thanks !

  4. sv7
    sv7 at | | Reply

    lol there are pets even in demo !! I wonder is gonna full sims 4 look like

  5. crat00
    crat00 at | | Reply

    new opportunities to do with sims in bed xDDD nice

  6. kapi300
    kapi300 at | | Reply

    aww multiplayer section but not available yet : D it will be awesome

  7. mers.1
    mers.1 at | | Reply

    i dont understand people who hate sims so much who say that it is a game for nolife. but imo you can learn a lot from this game

  8. ememRP
    ememRP at | | Reply

    I remember that times with sims 1 and itss sims 4 now. life goes really fast : )

  9. ememRP
    ememRP at | | Reply

    The Sims 3 for me is the best designed and created a series of games which previously was. From just looking at gameplay videos in 2009, I told myself that I just have to have this game

  10. cammas
    cammas at | | Reply

    thank you for the demo, very nice game : B

  11. cammas
    cammas at | | Reply

    lol pets available in demo ^ ^ do you think there will be dlc released or something ?

  12. xll power
    xll power at | | Reply

    where can i buy the full version ??

    1. kaxwa1992
      kaxwa1992 at | | Reply

      in 2014 lol xD

      thx for demo !!! love you

  13. feeks
    feeks at | | Reply

    i think this game will be a revolution in whole sims series

  14. coolfux
    coolfux at | | Reply

    visit my site simsglobe.com for sims 4 news !!!

    thank you guys now i can make a game review : )

  15. game hunter
    game hunter at | | Reply

    i have spent my childhood on sims series, i love the new sims 4 demo !

  16. Anony
    Anony at | | Reply

    I can’t download it, it says “Download locked”…

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