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  1. Marco
    Marco at | | Reply

    To be honest, one of the greatest game i played so far

  2. Marco
    Marco at | | Reply

    Does anyone know how to play multiplayer ?

    1. Ja6et
      Ja6et at | | Reply

      You can’t play multi on demo lol

  3. AngelOfDarnkess
    AngelOfDarnkess at | | Reply

    There is no better game than this, Rome 2 fuck the world ! ;D

  4. dasounds
    dasounds at | | Reply

    add me to friends nick: dasounds17

    thx for demo : P

  5. tarix
    tarix at | | Reply

    does anybody know how to unlock romanian elite warriors ? plzz

    1. lin0
      lin0 at | | Reply

      i think they are not available in demo anyway great game : )

  6. terrp
    terrp at | | Reply

    imho graphic is much better than in medival II but i found some bugs anyway demo is better than nothing so shut the fuck up all and enjoy ^ ^

    1. illoxin
      illoxin at | | Reply

      i really happy that they released the demo :P

  7. thanks
    thanks at | | Reply

    thanks guys long waited for that but worth it. did you think about updating the latest farmville hack maybe ? it would be awesome

  8. aw yea
    aw yea at | | Reply

    hell yeah finally found ! can you tell me how to set graphic on maximum ? i can’t find it in settings

    thank you guys : D

  9. Jetlixsa
    Jetlixsa at | | Reply

    How to switch camera to free moving mode ??????

    1. unrealhack.com Team
      unrealhack.com Team at | | Reply

      Just press B : )

  10. Jetlixsa
    Jetlixsa at | | Reply


  11. mouse
    mouse at | | Reply

    hey is the downloader.exe file save did someone scan it

    1. mikes1
      mikes1 at | | Reply

      yeah it’s clear i just downloaded it : )

    2. terefox
      terefox at | | Reply

      lol man install antivirus -.-

  12. steven
    steven at | | Reply

    please some one help me im a massive fan of total war games and realy wana get my hands on this game i have completed about 1000 surveys and i just wont download any help nay one

  13. boy3
    boy3 at | | Reply

    where is multiplayer option ??

    1. nonu
      nonu at | | Reply

      there is no damn multiplayer in demo omg people can’t you read

  14. Topher
    Topher at | | Reply

    Sounds like an opportunity for a Trojan Horse to enter your computer. That or Spyware. No pun intended with the Trojan Horse comment. I would love to play this game!

  15. Duh
    Duh at | | Reply

    So, are there viruses connected with this game? Has anyone downloaded it and then tested for viruses with Viper or something?

  16. FBI
    FBI at | | Reply

    But anyone can name themselves anything – this may be a well-setup scam where the team just posts different names when it is just them. Like, I could name myself the FBI, and then next be Jimmy, and then be tommy, and then Jackie, and make this seem like a pro real place when really it is just one person commenting under different names. I don’t know about anyone else here, but this seems like a good place for a pretty bad virus – 8 gigs could pack a lot of viruses, in fact.

  17. kashif
    kashif at | | Reply

    is this demo real! and what about viruses? and how do i go about downloading it?

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