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  1. alons
    alons at | | Reply

    thank you : )
    btw is there any limit or something ?

    1. gera3
      gera3 at | | Reply

      no limits, but better dont add too much gold at the same time coz u can easly get banned

  2. geeks!
    geeks! at | | Reply

    good programm, waited for it 3 weeks. the author of this shit is my GOD :D make more crazy shit like this!!

  3. beacat
    beacat at | | Reply

    hack works perfectly but i sometimes it is slow and have to wait even 5minutes until gold amount changes

  4. binjim
    binjim at | | Reply

    guys i need help how to change proxy because it says that my ip has been already used

    1. unrealhack.com Team

      proxy changes every 15min so be patient and try again after this time : )

  5. sbf302
    sbf302 at | | Reply

    really really thank you guys for ‘unlock all lands’ options. No more need to pay !!

  6. kayjay
    kayjay at | | Reply

    god bless you unreal, i didnt belive its posibble !!!!!!!

  7. knife
    knife at | | Reply

    i really dont know how to thank you guys… will love you forever !!

  8. tssd12
    tssd12 at | | Reply

    finally found working one, just thank you guys :P

  9. godyes
    godyes at | | Reply

    thank you for this and other programs, after long searches there is a great group like you who know what and how to do hacking stuff : ) thanks for everything

  10. togos_ters12
    togos_ters12 at | | Reply

    thx for unlocking all lands !

  11. tiger1
    tiger1 at | | Reply

    plz help cant download it im from korea : (

    1. unrealhack.com Team

      we are trying to fix your problem, it should be ok in couple of hours

  12. dereck
    dereck at | | Reply

    can you make something like item hack ? it would be great

  13. serclo
    serclo at | | Reply

    i dont know why this game isn’t so popular as it should be : /

  14. paer-12
    paer-12 at | | Reply

    noting to say except that its great thing ! really awesome

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